Some Totally Obvious Differences Between Males And Females

Men and women are different on so many levels — their brains wired differently, their hormones are different and their emotional needs are different. Even researchers claim that average personality differences between men and women are very large.

Men are tagged with characteristics like emotional stability, dominance, rule-consciousness and vigilance whereas women are born with firmly entrenched characteristics like sensitivity, warmth and apprehension.

In this article, we have tried to pick the worst and best of both and presenting you with a good compilation of some really fascinating (yet obvious) differences that shows what things female of all ages are different from males. Scroll down to have a look.

– Packing! Packing! Packing!

Women: Love to carry everything — a fancy pair of outfit for each day and just to be safe, a few extra pairs too along with lots of dresses, high heels, hair dryer, an extra pair of shoes, makeup, footwear, accessories, own hairdryer etc., because you never know, when you might need them, right? You’d be amazed at the ton of stuff you’ll find in her bag. Nobody can beat them in the art of stuffing the luggage wherever they find the extra space in the bags.

Men: keep only the essentials while travelling. Their golden rule takes only what they can fit in a carry-on. Three shirts, two t-shirts and three “jeans” make 9 outfits for them. Sometimes, boys don’t even pack a bag and they just layer up.

– Breakups: Male Versus Female

Women: Reality Post-Breakup Of female is quite interesting. They have higher levels of both physical and emotional pain after a breakup, but they recover more fully and come out emotionally stronger.

Men: After a few weeks, you’ll find them crying and truly grieving the loss. They never ever fully recover, but yes men simply move on after some time.

– Different Shades of Colours

Women: Females are far better when it comes to discriminating among different shades of colours.

Men: When going through colour shades, men are colour blind. They are less adept at distinguishing the shades of the colour spectrum, typically blues, greens, and yellows. A Pink is a Pink for a boy. But for a girl, pink is broadly categorised as Salmon Pink, old rose pink, carnation pink, Hot Pink, Magento Pink.

– Male Versus Female Brains

Women: Tend to communicate more effectively in comparison to men. They believe in talking through issues, utilise non-verbal cues such as tone, emotion, and empathy. The female brain is geared slightly more toward language. Women tend to hold onto many things and think the others must change respectively for them to be happy.

Men: have bigger brains — which doesn’t mean they’re smarter. They have a more difficult time understanding emotions and have a “fight or flight” response to stressful situations. Perceptions of men are more warped. They’re more emotionally primitive and don’t always open to discuss feelings.

–  “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…”

Women: Female gaze 16 times per day in the mirror and they critique body parts and feel self-conscious every time they look at their reflection. “I look pretty good”, “I’m overweight”, “Pretty in general”, “I’m soo fat”, “I must go on an Intermittent Fasting” – these are some random thoughts come into ladies minds when looking in a mirror.

Men: Do you know: men look in the mirror and take 23 glances to admire themselves per day? Yes, males generally spend a lot of time looking in the mirror per day ensuring they’re well groomed.

More Fascinating Differences

16 Differences Between Men and Women in Infographics

16 Differences Between Men and Women in Infographics

16 Differences Between Men and Women in Infographics

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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