Shopping Blues: CityWalk Girl VS Sarojini Girl

United by shopping, divided by shopping spots. No matter what kinda girl you are — low maintenance or high maintenance, shopping bells are loud enough to reach out to every girl’s heart. If Sarojini is the place every girl in Delhi should have visited, then Select CityWalk is not a place to miss on either. At both the joints, you’ll see girls crazy for shopping.

Shopping Blues: CityWalk Girl VS Sarojini Girl

1) Experiments

The CityWalk girl is a loyalist. Her love for the Madame knits will not dwindle by the new winter collection at Zara. CityWalk girls are true to their brands and know which celeb wore similar sweatpant in her latest movie.

On the contrary, the Sarojini girl is an experimentalist. She can team up the yellow polka dots shirt from vendor one with an abstract orange skirt from vendor 299 and totally slay in the look.

2) Bonding with the sellers

Sarojini girls — 1 CityWalk Girls — 0: The sellers at Sarojini can tell by your look how badly you want that Colossal Kajal at the discounted rate ( 50 INR for a 200 INR Kajal), and they ensure that you buy the pretty color you liked. ‘Madam le lo na, aap pe ye lip stick bohot suit karega’. No matter how hard you have bargained with the seller, you’ll always walk away happy because of the hefty discount he gave you. Therefore, the flea market bhaiyas adore you.

At CityWalk, the adage is Customer Devo Bhava; Professional code of conduct.

3) ‘Pet-Puja’

Punjab Grill for Punjabi food hackers, Sushiya for the love for Japanese food, Carl’s Jr. and Burger King to quench the craving for burgers, and the Starbucks for pampering the taste buds of the CitiWalk girls.

Cut to Budget wala Khanna. The Sarojini girls relish the best of the street food through the confusing lanes of the market. If you’re a Sarojini girl, you know the Sethi Juice Stall, Hot Pot fast food joint and the Shyam Mashoor Chaat Corner. Other than these, there is this Bhutta man, Kachori man, Bhel man.

Insight secret: You can bargain with these, too!

4) The distinct clothing bags

The CityWalk girls carry the eco-friendly paper bags with brand names printed.

However, at Sarojini, they follow non-discrimination culture. In addition, all the street sellers, irrespective of the merchandise they sell will pack stuff in a white panni. You can literally spot the girls coming from Sarojini at the INA metro station; thanks to these white lifafas.

5) The trial room struggle

CityWalk girls, brace yourselves because trying a dress is a real pain. In CitiWalk, one should be ready to queue up in the long trial room waiting for lineups.

We don’t know if this is bliss or a boon, but at Sarojini, you DO NOT have trial rooms. Hence, you better be good at inching yourself up before hitting the market :p

6) The Bargains

You knew Bargaining was on the list just after you read #SAROJINI. ‘Bhaiya, pichli dukaan pe 100 ka tha’, ‘Itna acha bhi nahi hai’.

Furthermore, ‘MRP: 200 — Bhaiya 100 mein de do. MRP: 2000 — Bhaiya, 100 mein de do’, ‘Rehne do, aage se dekh lenge’, ‘Chalo na mera na tumhara’, ‘Bhaiya de do na PLEEEES’

Faceoff between a Sarojini Girl and Bhaiya Ji

CityWalk Bargaining: Bargaining is prohibited in CityWalk premises. Girls’ only hope is SALE! SALE! SALE!

7) The pride thing

Citywalk girl calling BFF: You know the sexy all-black look Anushka sported in ADHM? I got it from the CityWalk!

Sarojini girl calling BFF: Gurl!!, you should have been there. I bargained the ravishing Red fur from 2500 INR down to 800 INR!

Different yet similar, both have their share of ‘flaunting the purchase’

8.) The Fun sources of entertainment

Citywalk girls — 1.5 Sarojini girls — 1.5; The SHIAMAK Delhi FlashMob 2 dance feast, and Crush Fitness India Flashmob were the latest buzz at CitiWalk. If you’re lucky enough, you can see Babbal Rai & Jassi Gill strolling there! *swoons while shopping*.

Sarojini has its own shred of entertainment. Seeing people bargain as hard as yourself, street sellers packing up stuff when vigils arrive, sellers, running behind the shoppers!

9.) Taking your guy along

Your boyfriend might agree to go CityWalk shopping with you (he gets to check out hot girls and enjoy the cool crowd after all).

But girl, Sarojini shopping is the real test. If your man agrees to accompany you for shopping to Sarojini ONCE AGAIN, babe, He’s a Keeper. We. Repeat. What else do you need than a guy who’s not annoyed by your bargains over 50 INR and is happy strolling through the streets and picking up your shopping bags. That is THE Agneepariksha of Delhi guys.

What else do you need than a guy who’s not annoyed by your bargains over 50 INR and is happy strolling through the streets and picking up your shopping bags. That is THE Agneepariksha of your Delhi wala boyfraaand.

So, which girl are you? The CityWalk or The Sarojini? Make noise in the comments section!

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