Hello! My name is Rini Srivastava, CEO & Editor-in-Chief at Insight Glimpse – India’s leading knowledge and media platform in the content writing space. As a 360-degree media platform, it aims to connect all the content writing professionals – be it content writers, content marketers, content curators, content strategists or any fervent professional associated with the content writing industry. Insight Glimpse covers editorial content and professional resources for the content writing and marketing professionals. Learn everything from in-depth analysis to useful insights, how-to advice, strategies, opinions, professional resources, the latest trends and techniques, blogs on writing events and more.

Upon noticing a serious lack of dedicated online platform for content writing, content marketing and content harvesting that hold significant importance in the new age of digital marketing, Rini Srivastava founded Insight Glimpse. Since its inception, Insight Glimpse has come a long way and it has soon become a brand synonymous with knowledge in content writing space. Today, it stands out as a vibrant online knowledge-sharing platform where the bright tomorrow is realised. The platform strongly aims the amalgamation of new ideas between industry leaders, content writing service providers and CXOs, and the most important asset- WRITERS.

Our vision is to become an indispensable resource of knowledge, information and inspiration for this specific domain community.

Established as an online knowledge repository for the reference, Insight Glimpse gives every domain leader and business influencer an opportunity to come forward and freely sharing their latest insights with millions of content writing professionals. Every day, the Insight Glimpse team delivers high-decibel and relevant conversations, a huge collection of articles, interesting stories, experiences and points of view contributed by the industry influencers itself.

What stands Insight Glimpse apart from the rest is its sharp focus on the domain and commitment to create an independent platform that fosters amalgamation of best industry news. As a startup, it has been a difficult journey of an active online community of domain experts.  Fortunately supported by a committed team and the good wishes of the content writing fraternity, today Insight Glimpse has positioned itself as a well respected online knowledge sharing resource. Anyone can become an author here and share their valuable ideas. It always looking for authors whose ideas can challenge their readers & give out some crucial insights.

To submit the post, you’re required to visit http://www.insightglimpse.com/contribute

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