10 Useful Email Writing Tips for Professionals To Improve Email Etiquette

This article talks about useful email writing tips and effective strategies for professionals to improve your email drafting etiquette.

In today’s world, email has very swiftly taken over the world and replaced the most other forms of writing namely telegraph, letters, official and unofficial communications and so on. Also, email writing etiquette is very important as each day, everyone from a student to a family person to a person sitting in a public or corporate office encounters a number of emails, and a person has to respond to each email as per the situation.

Believe it or not, even if the person is sitting right next to you and you want to share a document, email is still the best way to share that information or document, rather than to search the printer, print it, and increase the carbon footprint unnecessarily. Let us a have a look at some useful email writing tips for professionals discussed below:

Useful Email Writing Tips To Perfect Your Email Etiquette

  1. Direct approach: The very first tip is that you don’t have to email if you want an immediate response from the receiver. Instead, the best approach is to pick up the phone and call him/ her, and there is a high percentage of probability that the person on the other end will understand your side of the story as well and respond accordingly.
  2. Be precise and concise: Your email should be to the point and avoid unnecessary discussions. The client especially appreciates if you follow direct and to the point approach, rather than beating around the bushes. Avoid using sarcasm or unnecessary humour in your email.
  3. Don’t send an email without a subject line: There is a high probability that the receiver will miss your email if it is missing the subject line. Sending an email without a subject line is equivalent to sending an invisible email, which almost nobody will notice or read.
  4. Gentle tone: The tone of your email should always be gentle, be it a CEO of the company you are talking to or a simple admin guy who takes orders from you. Always remember “Manners maketh a Man” is an old proverb which is still valid even in today’s era.
  5. Proofread your email: Imagine yourself in a situation where you have made a spelling mistake or forgot to attach a file or document in an email sent to your onshore client or the contents or attachments of that email are to be published in a national or international daily. That would definitely cause a lot of embarrassment, right? So always, proofread your email before sending them out. In Microsoft Word and Excel, proofreading is as easy as pressing the F7 key on your keyboard.
  6. Automated tools: Take help of automated tools like Microsoft Editor and Grammarly, which are present as an extension in Google Chrome and Edge browsers. The Grammarly keyboard is also available in Google Play Store for Android devices. These tools will pick out your spelling and sense mistakes and will also present before you the most plausible correct word to replace the wrongly spelt word.
  7. Usage of signature: Always use a signature to save some time, also keep professional and private signature apart and never mingle them in your responses.
  8. High priority email: This option is present in the Outlook, and should be used only in the circumstance when you want to point out a task which is pending for a long time or you want to draw the attention of the recipient of the receiver.
  9. Don’t use ‘Reply to All’ option: Never use a ‘Reply to All’ option in Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client, until and unless you are instructed to do so. You might be sending out a piece of confidential information to the unknown or unauthorized recipients.
  10. Take help: Never shy away from taking the help of your colleagues, seniors or even family and friends when required. It is highly likely that they can help you with email writing in a very clear and concise manner especially when you are a beginner.

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