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Is your mind is almost ready to burst wide open and your head spinning from all the latest breakthroughs and useful insights? If yes then you’re most welcome to Insight Glimpse – an online platform madly dedicated to publish latest news, useful insights, new ideas, valuable tips and more. Connect with us at to become a contributor at Insight Glimpse as we always admire a participation and an effort of a creative brain full of useful information. As a “Regular Author” you will be helping us to achieve our primary goal of delivering quality content all around the globe.

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We are accepting very high quality,  truly original and informative content on different topics ranging from

  • Computers & Technology :- This section covers everything related to Technology Trends, Computer Games, Antivirus Software, Information Technology, Web Development, Online Games, Laptops/Notebook/ Ultrabooks, Software
  • Education & Career :- This section covers everything related to entrance exams, Top Education News, colleges & universities,
  • Entertainment :- This section covers everything related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Events
  • Finance & Business :- This section covers everything related to property, money, savings, Insurance, Real Estate, Loans, Bankruptcy, Credit, top updates from the world of business,
  • Home & Improvements :- This section covers everything related to electronics and gadgets, Gardening, Home decor, Cleaning Tips and Tools, Flooring, Interior Design and Decorating, Kitchen Improvements, Pest Control, Security, Tools and Equipment
  • Internet & Business :- This section covers everything related to online shopping, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, Banner Advertising, Blogging, PPC Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Popularity and more.
  • Life & Style :- This section covers everything related to Parenting, Relationships, Childcare, Dating, Love, Marriage, Self-Improvement, Professional & Personal Development, Work-Life Balance, Kids and Teens, Family, Women, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Food and Drink, Pets
  • Travel and Leisure :- This section covers everything related to Travel Tips, Tourism, Exotic Destinations, Vacation Spots, Beaches, Adventure Travel, Hotels Accommodations, City guides and more.

Editorial Guidelines For Becoming A Contributor

  • The content of all write-ups must be in written predominantly in proper English with use of proper sentence structure. Write-up should be properly formated.
  • Don’t forget to attach an image of 700px X 500px (featured image) in size.
  • Your post title should not be less than 60 characters and more than 100 characters. The first letter of every word in the title should be Capitalized.
  • The article body must be of 400 words (minimum) and 5,000 words (maximum). However, we consider an article 400-700 words in length as a standard one.
  • Write-ups with grammatically incorrect and awkward long tail keyword phrases that are making no sense will not be accepted.
  • Make sure your write-up does not include any abruptly/ unfinished sentences or incomplete thoughts.
  • No copied content please. We only accept truly original, richly detailed, highly informative, and quality content from authors.
  • Posts related to nudity, sexual explicit, vulgar, obscene, overly controversial, pornography or gambling will not be accepted.
  • Ideally, we accept 2 keywords maximum. Separate all your keywords with a comma. Avoid Excessive Bolding, Keyword Stuffing, Grammatically Incorrect Keyword Phrases
  • We do not allow any self-serving links/URLs for free in the post. In order to add clickable links in the post, we charge a reasonable amount after which you can get coverage for two links – one link in article body and one in Author (Resource) Box. The Author (Resource) Box should not exceed 50 words.
  • Avoid including links of web pages that are unrelated to the topic and content of your post.

Community Guidelines to become an author at Insight Glimpse

People from different backgrounds and communities at Insight Glimpse get own space to share, gossip and interact independently. However, to ensure that this super-awesome experience never go out of hand, here are some Do and Don’t :

  • Please be respectful to the posts written by other members (even if you disagree with their opinions).
  • Any unacceptable content (including but not limited to harassing, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, vulgar, or obscene language) will be deleted. We don’t accept, participate in, encourage, or suggest such content.
  • Every person born with brains of his own and so we expect all of you not to copy and re-post the content belongs to another authors (without their permission).
  • Spamming on the site is not permitted.
  • This is a public platform where anybody can share his/ her valuable insights and so, it is highly advisable to avoid posting personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc.

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