Very Common HP Printer Problems And Their Quick Solutions

Over the past few years, the technology giant Hewlett-Packard has introduced a series of ultra-compact printers come with advanced mobility specifications and designed to deliver professional quality color outputs. This new series of ultra-modern printers from HP enables you to get the high-quality prints by connecting the device directly from smartphones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and desktops with efficiency.

But, HP Printers like most electronic applications too demand proper care and maintenance in order to maintain their optimal performance and an absence of proper maintenance might result in tricky technical glitches. There is no better way to diagnose the following complex glitches than HP Printer Technical Support phone number, especially when you’re not confident enough to open up your printer an fix.

Some Common HP Printer Problems And How To Fix Them

  • The Connection Drops

HP printer goes offline whenever the machine loses its wireless connection. There can be myriad reasons behind this issue of not maintaining the wireless connection efficiently – (a) possibly your network and internet connections are temporarily or permanently disconnected, (b) check if there is a problem of poor signal quality, and (c) check the printer is not connected to the wrong network.

  • The Speed is Slow

It is one of the most common problems that many users have to come across while printing the everyday outputs. Oftentimes, the real culprit behind this technical glitch is ‘the high-quality detailed print outputs’ that adversely push back the printer’s average performance. It happens when you command your machine to produce detailed prints that generally consume longer time to produce the high-quality outputs.

  • Adding RAM to your HP Printer

A high-end series of HP comes with shared design concepts like a CPU, a networking interface, RAM, and other parts. There is always a facility for boosting printer’s performance by installing an additional RAM. Call on HP technical support number to install RAM properly and enjoy a boost in its performance.

  • Paper Jams

Counted as the most common glitch that occurs for a myriad number of reasons like the wrong paper type or the rollers worn down.

  • Error message 50.4

This issue comes with newer HP LaserJet printers with a fault in the power supply. It generally happens when the machine is connected to a UPS that can be further damaged by power surges.

  • Error Message 79

It happens when there is a problem with the network print server. This error indicates a failure of add-on components like MIO card or a RAM module. Call HP customer support number if you’re lacking professional machine knowledge to troubleshoot a 79 error message.

Or you can always connect with HP customer care to diagnose any of these HP printer technical glitches and rely on the expert assistance to reduce the maximum damage of device.

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