Haawh… Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Temporarily Shut Down Globally

Are you experiencing technical glitches while using your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp? For your kind information, you are not alone who is struggling with malfunctioning of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp applications.

According to the Financial Express, the much popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp temporarily shut down in India, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Turkey and across different parts of the world. The main culprit behind the temporary outages and malfunctions – was a networking issue which was first reported by Down Detector – a website that tracks outages. According to Hindustan Times, the global outrage started from 4:00 pm over Facebook and has been fluctuating ever since and taking time to load.

“Earlier today, a networking issue caused some people to have trouble accessing or posting to various Facebook services,” Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow said in a statement. “We quickly investigated and started restoring access, and we have nearly fixed the issue for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience,” he added.

According to the Independent, multiple users are facing issues in accessing photos on all the apps where photos might not show as pages are loading slow. Many WhatsApp users are struggling to access or share images, files or voice messages.

Reactions On Twitter When Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Shut Down Globally

This is how people across the internet reacted to the temporary shutdown-

This is Twitter users when Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp is Down #instagramdown #WhatsAppDown #facebookdownpic.twitter.com/3XKapghtOU

— Atul Shokeen (@AtulShokeen2) July 3, 2019

Twitter while Instagram/ Facebook users migrate to use it after months: pic.twitter.com/MviEpjEfsv

— Asmita (@AryaAsmita) July 4, 2019

With #InstagramDown and #Facebookdown, influencers are back to the earliest mode of communication, a bird.

— Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) July 3, 2019

My friends instagram posts look so good rn ? #instagramdownpic.twitter.com/Fo8IqaRxOR

— The Movies (@great_movies_en) July 3, 2019

Me opening Instagram every 2 minutes #instagramdownpic.twitter.com/NIjFKx7ihx

— Yokairax03 (@yokairax03) July 3, 2019

Me trying to figure out how to use twitter after Instagram being down for 7 hours: #instagramdown pic.twitter.com/vmkpoXhZ8t

— Malik Hall (@MalikHa82394853) July 3, 2019

Instagram: *down*
Me:#Instagramdown pic.twitter.com/0eHha6632y

— Simmi Talwar (@simmitalwar06) July 4, 2019

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp joining together to not fix their apps pic.twitter.com/iaOTM5FlMR

— ?????? (@athiccena) July 3, 2019

Ironic that this is the only post loading on Insta #instagramdownpic.twitter.com/CXaieXBGw5

— Carrie Ack (@Carried_Away13) July 3, 2019

MySpace over here like pic.twitter.com/FJM8u3brGe

— Big Zeke (@DracoAzule) July 3, 2019

Okay, everything is down.

My hopes
Willing to work

— Kaabira. (@KaabiraSpeaking) July 3, 2019

Me: *dresses up for the night to post killer stories*
Insta: *down*
Me: pic.twitter.com/UrVGcwUpjm

— Asmita (@AryaAsmita) July 4, 2019

Insta, fb and twitter dms are down. ITS OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!

— Taylor Spray (@TaylorSprehe) July 3, 2019

Twitter right now laughing at instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp #WhatsApp#instagramdown #facebookdown #whatsappdownpic.twitter.com/rgxJzGRN7d

— night dreamer (@omrtweets) July 3, 2019

Facebook: Down
Instagram: Down
Whatsapp: Down

Logging into Twitter like: pic.twitter.com/IKLLwQwuLA

— ⚜️ZIΛD⚜️ (@Ziad_M_Shahin) July 3, 2019

“WhatsApp is down”

People that don’t have online friends: pic.twitter.com/cUDVcIEWNp

— Jay (@HectoringJ) July 4, 2019

Pic 1: Twitter then
Pic 2: Twitter now ???#whatsappdown pic.twitter.com/IcealchRGA

— Enju (@leoenju) July 4, 2019

WhatsApp down.
Facebook down.
Instagram down.

User’s coming on Twitter pic.twitter.com/jzlbNPiVp3

— Rohit Kurmi (@MpmRohit) July 3, 2019

When you take a Nap, Wake up and Your Social Media is Still Down. ??‍♂️ #instagramdown #whatsappdown #facebookdownpic.twitter.com/45qZvL5KAG

— Brandon Reyes (@laced_19) July 3, 2019

Instagram and whatsapp users meeting on Twitter #instagramdown#whatsappdown pic.twitter.com/LmKD8aCpfm

— Ang (@unstxbleheadass) July 3, 2019

When Insta and WhatsApp goes down and you realise you may have to learn how to communicate face to face with humans again..??‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/Bo3yhGa8Ww

— Connie Blackwell (@ConnieMae_) July 3, 2019

Finally WhatsApp is down. Now I can leave unnecessary WhatsApp groups and then blame it on Mark Zuckerberg #whatsappdown #instagramdownpic.twitter.com/E2LBWNkLbN

— His_highness_21? (@viqxieaddi19) July 3, 2019

WhatsApp down.
Facebook down.
Instagram down.

User’s reaction towards Mark Zuckerberg : pic.twitter.com/BSHRmVFfJH

— Rohit Kurmi (@MpmRohit) July 3, 2019

WhatsApp and Instagram users migrating to Twitter after the apps are down pic.twitter.com/mm5OcHm1r3

— Kev??? (@kev_758) July 3, 2019

How I feel right now with Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp down #instagramdown #facebookdown pic.twitter.com/pXOibbIikS

— inioluwaadesola (@inioluwaadesola) July 3, 2019

*Images not sending on WhatsApp*
Me: *checks Wi-Fi*
disconnects from Wi-Fi
*reconnects to Wi-Fi
*checks WhatsApp
*restarts phone
*checks WhatsApp
*checks Facebook & Instagram
*checks Wi-Fi

*finally checks Twitter

#WhatsAppDown #FacebookDown pic.twitter.com/MCLC8XYYHh

— Olalekan × (@Laykerzpr) July 3, 2019

Twitter after Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp breakdown#WhatsAppDown#Instagramdown#facebookdown #Friends pic.twitter.com/ex0E5v4E3m

— KAUSTUBH MANATKAR (@cos2bh_writes) July 3, 2019

People “how long has WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram being down now?”

Me pic.twitter.com/6zruz1aFAh

— A.C (@lilmizzirish) July 3, 2019

Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram down and all I can think of is.. pic.twitter.com/SMd1633Nt9

— Tariq Ali (@aliboomaye) July 3, 2019

“By duration, this is by far the largest outage we have seen since the launch of Downdetector in 2012,” Tom Sanders, co-founder of Downdetector, told Techcrunch in the wake of that outage. “Our systems processed about 7.5 million problem reports from end users over the course of this incident. Never before have we such a large scale outage.”

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