Google launches People Card, doppelganger search with Arts & Culture app, Android 11 beta, wearable OS updates

This article about recent Google released features and apps like People Card, doppelganger search with Arts & Culture app, Android 11 beta, wearable OS updates

Of late, Google has been busy on many fronts, namely People Card, doppelganger search with Arts & Culture app, Android 11 beta, wearable OS and today we are going to update you on what’s happening on each front.

People Card: Google has once again proven that it is the trendsetter in whatever it works upon. The days of giving somebody a physical card are over, one can simply create a People Card and ask the other person to look up for him/ her in the Google itself. The steps for creating a People Card are:

1) Login to your Google account and search for “Add me to Search” OR just type in your name and fill in your details.

2) Add your social profiles to your card.

3) Click on Preview and then Save the changes.

4) After a few hours, your card should be discoverable at Google.

Google Arts & Culture app: The Art & Culture app from Google can be used to find your doppelganger in the arts and sculptures by simply clicking a selfie with this app and searching for a similar face. Alternatively, this app can be used to virtually browse through the acclaimed artworks of famous artists around the world.

Google Wearable OS updates: The company has announced the below mentioned features to reach the users via OTA update and new product launches:

Improved system performance: Faster access to information, up to 20% increase in startup time, LTE support, increased performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ platforms will be possible with future updates.

Handwashing timer and new weather app: Handwashing timer due to current Covid-19 pandemic and new weather experience to users is also announced by Google in the near future updates.

More OEM support: More and more OEM like Oppo and Xiaomi will now support Google wear OS which means more variety and capabilities to the users.

Android 11 beta: Android 11 beta brings great new features and APIs for developers, the final version of the Android 11 is expected very soon in Q3 of this year. Some of the new features for users and developers expected are as follows:

Single use permission – The users can now grant one time only permission to access location, device microphone and camera.

External storage access – One application can no longer access other application’s files in external storage.

Device, screen and Media controls: Connected external device support, media display support on phone, cast, external device, waterfall screen display support will all be enhanced and available in the next Android version.

Hinge sensor and foldable support: Many phone manufacturers like Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung are now launching foldable phones and others will definitely follow their footsteps, the next Android version addresses the support needed by these devices.

Conversation and Chat bubble support: Users will get more options as to how to interact in a conversation in this release.

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