Here Are 13 Super Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water Everyday

H2O is all around us and even inside our bodies (around 60% water). We all love water in its many forms — cold, hot, and lukewarm — to stay hydrated. Though many nutritionists and dietitians advice that we should always start our morning with a glass of hot water.

And here is why…

1. Pure warm water works as a natural body regulator and promotes better digestion. Many studies have revealed that drinking hot water after a meal is particularly beneficial for digestion as it stimulates digestion. It prevents hardening the oil present in consumed foods which built up a fat deposit on our inner wall of the intestine (eventually increase the chances of intestinal cancer).

2. A glass of hot water detoxifies the body from the inside out by flushing out dangerous chemicals (industrial chemicals, pesticides, additives in our food), pollutants and toxins from the body. When our immunity system gets cleanse, the hormonal system boosts up and helps in the regulation of stress and energy levels.

3. Developing a habit of consuming hot water everyday balances our body’s pH levels and bolster the immune system. Squeeze lemon for a vitamin C boost and add a few drops of honey to a glass of lukewarm water for great results.

4. Consuming a glassful of hot water (to a temperature between 120°F and 140°F) empty stomach eases bowel movements by simply decomposing the food inside the stomach and makes the movement of stool accumulated inside the intestine very smooth and less painful. This way, it provides relief with the chronic problem of constipation.

5. Many people claim that hot water relieves nasal and throat congestion instantly by warming up the mucous membranes throughout your neck and upper torso. In addition, drinking hot water soothe a sore throat which is caused by mucus build-up.

6. Hot water is a favourite with fitness lovers and weight loss enthusiasts for quick weight loss aid. Yes, drinking hot water melt away fat by promoting your metabolism. So, if you are dying to shed those stubborn few pounds, hot water is your solution to break down those adipose tissues hiding under your skin.

7. Another important benefit of sipping hot water is pain-free menstruation. Intake of caffeine-free (flavoured) hot water is a natural remedy to menstrual pain. For quick relief, one can always count on a warm cramp-relieving drink made by grating a small piece of ginger into hot water. The warmth from hot water soothes painful abdominal muscle cramps in a matter of few minutes.

8. Reaching a glass of hot water cures headaches. It is another amazing benefit of warm water. By maintaining a regular intake, you can naturally combat most headaches and prevent dehydration which is a primary reason for headaches according to many physicians and nutritionists.

9. It is very good for your immunity and kidneys. Yes, developing a habit of drinking lukewarm water cleanse your body system. Also, it stops the accumulation of salts in the kidneys (which is a major reason for kidney stones formation) and maintains the blood plasma thickness, which causes cardiovascular complications.

10. A glassful of hot water will get you that much closer to beautiful healthy and glowing skin. Getting into the habit of hot water intake slows premature ageing down. Ageing haunts everyone, but luckily, we can halt premature ageing by drinking warm water which flushes out all those toxins leading to ageing faster from the skin and repairs skin cells which eventually increase the elasticity of the skin. As a result, we can say goodbye to damaged skin and a big hello to the wrinkle-free and youthful skin.

11. Drinking hot water daily keep acne, pimple and other skin disorders at the bay.  It eliminates the root causes of infections and turns your skin healthy with a rosy complexion which is a result of improved blood circulation.

12. Many health gurus believe that keeping yourself hydrated with hot (lukewarm) water helps to get strong and healthy tresses. As we all know each strand of hair is comprised of almost 25% water and intake of proper warm water at regular intervals accelerates the growth of your hair. It is very beneficial to energize the nerve endings present in your hair roots and make them super active which eventually results in good (natural) hair health and vitality.

13. Regular hot water intake keeps your scalp hydrated and moisturized which prevents the formation of dandruff and less hair fall. You have lush and shiny hair.

Now that you know the amazing health and beauty benefits of this simple little elixir “H2O”, I suggest you introduce lukewarm water in your health routine and look younger. Stay beautiful!

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