These 13 Life-Changing Medical Discoveries Have Already Been Invented & You Didn’t Even Know About Them

We have come a very long way with medical technology advancements. From highly sensitive artificial smart skin to limb transplant, Virtual Retinal Display (VRD), and Stem Cell Treatments – we have so many game changer breakthroughs for a better future. But, these 13 life-changing medical discoveries stand out possibly over so many (new) high-tech breakthroughs we’ve been through and seen them all in the past half-century.

So, we decided to put before you this list of path-breaking and jaw-dropping medical inventions that we possibly couldn’t have imagined to be used in everyday practices for winning the war on the life-long condition or a life-threatening illness.

Here are these 13 life-changing medical innovations and discoveries that are truly awesome:


– The iWalk 2.0

The revolutionary armless crutches that don’t hurt and improves your mobility. iWalk 2.0 is a multiple award-winning medical mobility device that has been carefully engineered to directly fit the leg in recovery and put an end to all the pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches. A perfect “crutch and knee scooter” alternative for all below knee injuries make it possible to do everyday tasks and to live a (functional) independent lifestyle. Click here to buy on Amazon now.

– Alconost Tube

A new invention to fight against arterial plaque buildup which causes narrowing of the arteries and often, it leads to heart disease and stroke. Introduced by a Russian inventor, this tiny devices attach to the wall of the artery to prevent breakaway plaque by stopping the blood flow. This new approach to remove clots is truly awesome to fight against arterial plaque buildup which is responsible for many serious health problems.

– Naked Prosthetics

This wonderful invention by Naked Prosthetics allow amputees to regain function with the help of durable and custom prosthetic devices designed specifically for those people who lost fingers in some sort of workshop or work-related accident. This modern medical device provides functional high-quality finger prostheses afforded by their 3D printed prosthetics. The founder of Naked Prosthetics, Colin Macduff, is also an amputee and after losing a finger himself, he founded the company in 2012.

– Crutches

These functional and comfortable braces by the M+D Crutch are boon for people struggling with troubles of traditional crutches that generate strain on a user’s hands and wrists. It efficiently distribute the pressure off by dividing body weight through a user’s elbows and forearms. The M+D Crutch comes with flexible quick-release straps and rotating handles which add more mobility in the design and allow patients to reach higher while preventing slippage.

– VetiGel

A new plant-based gel made from algae is trending to instantly stops bleeding. Small plant-based polymers available inside this gel build-up a very strong mechanical barrier and stop the bleeding within 20 seconds of application. It is ideal for use on both skin and organs.

– Bronchial Thermoplasty System 

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure delivered by the Alair™ System to treat adult patients who are struggling with severe and difficult to control asthma. Bronchial Thermoplasty is a brilliant medical innovation treated 79% of patients by delivering thermal energy from a radiofrequency source to reduce the amount of excess airway smooth muscle.

#7 This robotic pill knows just when to release medicine. The pill travels through the body without dissolving. Once it reaches the large intestine, the compartment opens and the medicine is released.

#8 This device removes large blood clots. It’s the MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System by Capture Vascular. A wire is inserted through the blockage. It can deploy, expand, and pull back the blood clot.

#9 Craniotomy is a procedure that exposes the brain to remove tumors. This procedure allows surgeons to access the tumor through the skull.

#10 Surgeons in New York completed the most complex facial transplant to date. Patrick Hardison, a former fireman got trapped inside of a home fire in Mississippi. It was a 26- hour surgery to replace his entire face.

#11 XSTAT can plug a gunshot wound in under 20 seconds. This large syringe is loaded with tiny sponges that can quickly expand on contact with blood to tightly pack the wound.

#12 The “Bridge-Enhanced” ACL repair may be the future of knee surgery. A protein sponge is inserted between the torn ligament filled with the patient’s blood. The damaged ends are then pulled together in the sponge.

#13 These prosthetics are incredibly realistic. Dianceht makes custom prosthetic parts that are silicon-based and hand-painted. They are attached using suction or medical glue.

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