Positive Effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) In Our Lives

This article talks about amazing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Positive Effects and Impacts in human lives and how Covid-19 outbreak is not all doom and gloom.

After Lockdown in India, coronavirus pandemic has finally eclipsed our happy and exciting lifestyle just like the Bollywood popular classic villain Amrish Puri does to Mr. India. Now we are stuck in our homes…. Oh I am sorry… we are quarantined for our safety and health and we are very pissed off. But did you tried to figure out the other side of the coin…the goodness comes along with this so called devastating culprit — Coronavirus — the biggest villain of our life till now.

COVID-19, an unprecedented global pandemic and its fallout need no introduction. With every single passing moment, the Coronavirus is posing greater damage to the life of more and more people in the form of virus infection, stress management, fatigue, anxiety, fear, uncertainty and depression. This World Health Organization (WHO) declared “once in a lifetime crisis” has created the drastic impacts on the economy, governments, businesses, and of course, people health – leaving us with a million dollar question i.e. “Is this the new normal?”.

Indeed, this fast spreading Coronavirus has made our world upside down and disrupted our routine badly. But I would like to take an opportunity to drive your attention towards the brighter side of staying at home to practice social distancing and working from home (WFH) as a necessary precaution to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection. Let’s talk about a few Coronavirus (COVID-19) Positive Effects in our life:

1. No More Monday Blues

Yes, it’s Monday and I am very productive that too without any Monday Madness and I am all gear up for the workweek with my contagious smile. After COVID-19 and quarantine time, Monday Blues seem a joke to me. Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp are my saviors to stay connected with my wonderful teammates.

2. Connections Go Deeper

We are more concerned about well beings of our people and taking every possible initiative to be together even we are quarantined and maintaining social distancing. Human connections are getting stronger and we develop a sense of belongingness – this is one of the most beautiful Coronavirus (COVID-19) Positive Effects we can ever come across. Coronavirus pandemic linked us as a HAPPY SOCIETY TOGETHER and now we respect each other. Covid-19 In India has pushed societies to change attitudes towards doctors, nurses, paramedics staff, soldiers, police, delivery person, cleaning staff, truck drivers, milkman, and all corona warriors for their dedication and selfless services, in the face of immense risk.

3. Nature Regain Its Full Glory

We have bright clear blue sky, rivers are more clean, beautiful rainbow are spotted everywhere, and of course, there have been dramatic falls in pollution levels. Pleasing sounds of birds have absolutely replaced car horns during the lockdown. The sighting of bird species like the yellow-footed green pigeon, purple sunbird, the coppersmith barbet, common tailorbird, common kingfisher, the woodpecker and several others — is now very common from our balconies and roofs.

4. We Make Conscious Choices Now

Another superb Coronavirus (COVID-19) Positive Effects in our lives – we are getting more conscious about our choices now. Less travel means less vehicles, Less wastage of pages and natural resources, Earth’s ozone layer is recovering, Air quality is improving and we said no to usage of plastic. Most of us are now doing our household chores ourselves of course with our family members as the helping hands.

As it is very rightly said by Rahm Emanuel, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Maybe this Coronavirus outbreak has brought the darkest hour of our life, but it has had an unexpected positive changes in our lifestyle…. and it is not all doom and gloom!!!

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