Internships Are Career Launcher To Corporate World

Let’s start this way: we all have been on a mission finding the internships like other millions of students and young professionals who are just seeking an opportunity to prove themselves. Very often many of us have a hard time finding that “perfect summer internship” of our choice and we know quite well the main reasons behind our struggle are limited skills and connections.

Interestingly, students are ready to face the struggle to find the traditional summer internships. Here’s why:

Students consider an internship as an opportunity to work with a corporate firm for a short time period that usually lasting one to six months. Also, many see internships as an opportunity to work on the real projects under the mentorship of a skilled professional.

For many, it is a quick way to get a foot in the door and to jumpstart careers. Few students make the most of the experience during their internships and discover their passion along with improving practical skills and end up building a network of contacts.

To put simply, an internship is always considered an outstanding experience in life of every student because it gives a direction to student’s career exactly when

1) they don’t know what skills they could offer

2) what kind of job they are suitable for

3) they don’t know their intelligence, energy, and fresh approach to solving problems benefit an organization

All they recognize is the “Power of Internships” to explore a potential career and how this hands-on experience can change their lives. And yes, internships give students something valuable outside out their summer vacations, which is far more necessary if compared with the strong academic performance.

Sharda University believes on-the-job experience with successful professionals plays a great role in student’s professional development that they cannot attain effectively in the classroom. Also, this is a pre-requisite attempt to encourage more interaction of the students with the corporate world and let them handle the new challenges beyond the normal class room situations.

An engineering student of School of Engineering and Technology (SET) says “I did my 8 weeks summer internship at a software company and it was a wonderful journey on the learning aspects. I learned several basics of manufacturing industries and I got real work exposure, which was totally worth for me.”

A student of the School of Business Studies (SBS) at Sharda University shared her experience and told: she loved her traditional summer internship experience. “Mentors during on-the-job always made sure, that we kept on participating in the on-going projects, which adds a lot in the development of professional values and inculcates modern attitude.”

To give students maximum exposure to the real time situations, Sharda University stress on “Annual Summer Internship Projects” as a mandatory part of academic curriculum. Different schools at Sharda University encourage the students to pursue short term internship projects in the potential companies and improve their several qualities including intellectual ability, inter-disciplinary approach, decision making ability, professional judgment and sense of responsibility.

To reduce the student’s stress of finding the right internship, the University’s Placement Cell takes the responsibility of providing summer internships and make sure the Sharda students have maximum interaction with the corporate world than any other institution and get an insight into the complex corporate realities.

The bottom line

The so-called “Learning-Oriented” work experience with a company is your opportunity to “test drive” a career goals and get a rough estimate to what your job will be like after graduation or post graduation. Moreover, an internship gives the students a quick overview of the roles, responsibilities and the nature of work that they would be handling in their job life.

And remember that internship opportunities are not limited to accumulating new practical skills, but it gives an introduction to the field’s culture and etiquette on an occupation. Good luck students!

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