Brand Conscious Girls VERSUS We Love Bargain Girls

Shopping!!!! “We live to shop and we shop till we drop.” Judge us all you want, but that remains the sacred truth.

For many of us (including me), shopping works like a charm in all circumstances every time – no matter we’re happy or sad. A wise man once said – “there is nothing in this world that gives us more happiness than the thrill of heavy shopping bags” and I truly agree with this person. We LOVE shopping!

Most-of-us-shopaholics-kinda-girls fall under two categories:

  • The obsessive brand conscious girls. These are absolute “brand-name obsessed” and shopping for them is nothing but designer’s stuff and labels. Hide Design…Victoria Secret … Zara … Armani … Claire’s…GAP… keep buzzing all around them like sirens when they shop till they drop.
  • The ‘we love bargaining’ girls. This kind of girls on this planet Earth are very common and most of the times, they are titled as Girls with the desi swag. You’ll find them easily in Sarojini Nagar market, Lappat Nagar central market or Janpath. Wherever they shop, bargaining runs hot and fierce in the blood of these ‘sasta sundar tikau kind of girls’ truly. ‘bhaiya chalo, naa aapka naa mera’ and ‘bhaiya mere pass bus akhiri Rs 500 ka note bacha hai’ are their favourite slang to trick the shopkeepers.

Let’s find out some interesting facts about ‘oh so brand conscious’ girls versus ‘we love bargaining’ girls

  • If there’s one thing that haunts these gorgeous Brand Conscious girls, it’s the thought of running out of stock at their favourite Forever 21 store.



  • On the contrary, a shopkeeper saying ‘Bas yahi ek piece reh gaya tha behenji’ can give them a heart attack.
  • The girls with brand obsession never ever balk at the price tags. They instantly gravitated towards the so many stuff organised by look and colour on the shelf.
  • Whereas, ‘Fixed Price Hai’ tag is the most frustrating thing for the girls like me who can’t imagine shopping without bargaining. And when we see the four magical words “SALE” our curiosity levels are piqued.



  • Zara — the name alone evokes an adrenaline rush and their (Brand Conscious Girls) heart palpitated as soon as they step inside the store.



  • On the other hand, a plastic bag full of chic and trendy clothing that can transform them (‘We love bargaining’ shopper) into a confident fashionista will instantaneously send them into a frenzy.



  • Value is more important to the girls obsessed for brands. Spending on too pricey stuff makes a lot more sense because slightly more expensive would last longer. They are pretty satisfied with buying less and less things for more and more money; having an impressive wardrobe made of mostly of black, greys, white, a bit of navy or cobalt blue and creams is the real approach.


  • Whereas, the S.N girls (who shop at Sarojini Nagar market) girls are more concerned about Volume, especially when they are pretty strapped for cash. They are a master in getting Zara & Mango apparel at 1/4th its original price. Procuring as much fashionable yet affordable stuff as humanly possible is the ultimate endeavour because they love Sia’s Cheap Thrills. Okay, don’t be mad at me for this PJ.


  • Brand conscious! “Is that from Sarojini…? EEwww!” For them, fashion is so integrally linked to unique and quality stuff.


  • Girls with Desi swag are perfectly okay with wearing ‘fast fashion’ thing i.e. trendy (inexpensive) versions of celebrity looks for one season, or one occasion, and often toss.


Whosoever it is, a brand conscious or bargaining lover, shopping always brings lots of happiness with a little indulgence. We all love shopping.

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