How AI live chatbots elevate lead generation game faster

In every entrepreneur’s life, there is a frustrating phase when everything seems more than perfect. There is high traffic rate on website, huge customer base and product inquiries. Yet, the lead conversion rate is very far from perfect and continues to fall between 1 to 4 percent down below that level. This leaves entrepreneurs clueless, wondering what to do next to elevate the lead generation game and conversion rate.

Luckily, the advent of AI live chatbots is a game-changing solution to navigate the complexities of lead generation. Live chat software coming as a great solution, plays a significant role in making business conversations much easier for entrepreneurs and users in comparison to branding efforts. Using AI live chat for lead generation is the simplest, fastest, and least obtrusive way to reach out online visitors and start a conversation directly with them in real time painlessly.

No wonders, brands are increasingly realizing the value of smart live chat applications for boosting lead generation and optimizing the conversion rate by 7.28 percent.

Customers love AI live chatbots

Because they have no time to sit down and write an email for just asking about the availability of their favourite coffee mug. Live chatting via text support or video call ensures timely interaction on smartphones or tablets with a call recording facility. This makes up the highest level of satisfaction among potential buyers.

Companies across different industries are singing its praises because it allows them to go an extra mile and taps into customer’s pain points. Especially so when they need the assistance in making the decision and expecting a real-time communication by simply being answered few questions that they may have. It seems more convenient to them instead of calling, navigating phone trees, and waiting on hold, which is always quite frustrating.

Exploring benefits of using AI live chatbots software

  • Reduce the bounce rate or Exit rate by a simple “May I help you?” or “What’ve you been looking for?” message.
  • Better customer service and ensures timely interaction.
  • Improved ability to upsell or cross-selling opportunity with relevant deals.
  • Better customer trust and loyalty.
  • Cost effective in comparison to implementing a help desk system or call centre.
  • Faster resolution times and quicker responses have a huge impact on visitor’s buying decision.
  • Impatient customers will no longer have to wait to get someone having no idea about their issue.

Considering the many benefits, 85 percent of marketers are relying on live chat as the perfect Lead-Generation Booster to drive quality leads down the line. A great example of this involves my friend Albert McKissen. He was working as a director of affiliate marketing and struggling with a drastic drop in lead conversion rate. Fortunately, a live chat software caught his attention and he realized the ultimate potential of the responsive live chatting option and take the maximum benefit out of it.

Live Chat

Why AI Live Chatbots winning the customer support race?

There are some people who question the value of using Live Chat software when compared to other age-old traditional methods. Others wonder whether it’s worth making an investment to get so close to customers. For me, it is easier than ever to reach tens of thousands of online visitors interested in my business and create more tangible business opportunities.

Here are a few interesting statistics about how people respond to Live Chat experience:

  • There are 77 percent people who wish to communicate with the real person while making any transaction for any product or service.
  • 38 percent of people said they had made their purchase due to the chat session itself.
  • 94 percent of customers feel very satisfied after proactively using the live chat.
  • More than 44 percent of online consumers confessed that having their doubts answered by a live person in the middle of an online purchase, is an important factor why they are likely to purchase from the site again.
  • 78 percent of consumers don’t make a purchase just because of a poor customer support.

Believe it or not, there is an additional unique opportunity for entrepreneurs (and their teams) to capitalize on when it comes to quality leads using the live chat. They have the chance to more easily engage with the vast network of new customers. Also, live chat has a major contribution in aiding their online product-buying decisions by answering product questions in a timely manner — providing a better customer experience.

Setting up a live chat solution on a website is definitely a less costly alternative than a help desk system or a call centre. Additionally, a phone operator will be able to serve a single customer at a particular time. On the other hand, the responsive live chat option allows the business support and assistance team to make multiple concurrent chats. This in turn cuts down human resource expenses and a brings an instant improvement in the productivity of business.

How Live Chatbot application works as a Lead Generation booster?

It is no secret that advertising alone will not help in building trust amongst the millennial buyers with high purchasing power. They want a personal connection. And live chatting experience via text support or video call is more favored than other communication channels. It offers prompt answers to the customers, making them happy and satisfied. The sales agents are able to gain more leads, close more sales and establish better trust level with their prospects.

The robust reporting capabilities are value-added benefits, enabling the company’s sale and marketing team to track visitors’ activity on the site. So, there is no need to install any third-party software to keep track of all the activity of customers. One can get reports of every week, month or a custom period to get details about the number of chats, visitors, page views, etc.

Low Customer Service Response Time with Live Chat
Live Chat reduces customer service response time drastically.

For website and system analytics, one can leverage the technologically-advanced plugins and extensions that are ready to install at a single click. Interestingly, the agents can filter these statistics in order to measure an individual’s work rate in comparison with the whole team. One can identify the major pitfalls telling where the overall business process is falling down and make the required improvements.

Instant File Sharing by using cloud-based technology give an edge to the sales agents over other competitors. The smart application supports hassle-free sharing of files with customers or vice-versa on a secure cloud platform. Furthermore, it provides screen sharing and co-browsing feature with your live call. This allows the agents to give the right assistance seamlessly by tracking customer’s query in real time. Isn’t it awesome?

Live chat software is definitely a huge plus for any online business in order to establish a good connection with customers in a meaningful way. It helps in making sure that your potential buyers stay happy both before and after the sales.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating with Live Chat
High Customer Satisfaction due to efficiency and immediacy of the experience of Live Chat

The reason for live chat’s high satisfaction levels are due to “the efficiency and immediacy of the experience”, says Kirk Parsons, a Senior Director at Market Research company, J.D. Power.

Nowadays, there are many live chat software applications available with a Live Video Assistance feature that provides total control over a one way without sharing their facial identity or two-way video chat; making it simple for representatives to start to personalize interaction with remote access across all browsers, tablets and Android mobiles.

This will help in increasing the satisfaction level of the user. And increased customer satisfaction means improvement in revenue generation. It is a reliable way to grow your business while driving long-lasting customer engagement. And that is impressive!

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