Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Business Intelligence : Software Review

In today’s disruptive era, many organisations are embracing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in Customer Engagement (CRM) to revolutionize their digital transformation journey and of course, to harness the great potentials AI will bring to their businesses.

As the next level of capability for organisations to address their complex business challenges and make the most of technology, Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 AI software. This is an intelligent tool for business users infused with AI and AR advantages which aim to bring more intelligent insights, concise data to better guide business decisions, and accelerate the functionality of business applications to reinvent sales, customer service, marketing.

The Microsoft’s software Dynamics 365 is a unified platform infused with the AI capabilities like Chatbots and Facial recognition. It has been designed to deliver enterprise-led innovations along with operational efficiencies in areas like organizational productivity, advanced analytics, out-of-the-box metrics, Power BI, trend identification and IoT.

Dynamic 365 is a result of a transformative shift from a siloed to a proactive way of doing business. In an interview, Microsoft’s CFO Amy Hood talks about Microsoft business applications portfolio and what business leaders like her need from technology solutions like Dynamics 365 AI.

Here are some key benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

1. Dynamics 365 brings to you simplified mobile device sign-in for easy and fast sign-in experience. To get started with this intelligent bundle of software on your mobile device, all you need to sign into Dynamics 365 is input your registered email address and begin leveraging the benefits of AI. The software is available for iOS and Android platforms.

2. AI interface of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows to conveniently conduct operations and you can take valuable business decisions by leveraging its detailed business insights and analytics.

3. Escape from the traditional silos of customer relationship management with this AI powered business application built on Microsoft Azure. This app comes with an easy to use interface loaded with AI capabilities which allows you to unify the complex data and turn customer data into immediate automated predictive insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI application. You can leverage these out-of-the-box insights to optimise the business operations without getting your hands dirty by programming codes.

4. The modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are designed to cater the needs of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Retail, Finance and Operations, Project Service Automation, Field Service, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management and more.

5. Improved integrations across business application products make Microsoft Dynamics 365 an intelligent cloud-based software with advanced customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities which are very essential for automation and optimization of manual tasks with intelligent workflows.

6. The software Dynamics 365 can be easily implemented and integrated with Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow), Office 365 and LinkedIn through the cloud or on-premise.

7. Customer Insights application support will be there in Dynamics 365 AI infused software for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. This additional feature will be available as of Oct. 1 in the app.

8. A new functionality i.e. Virtual Agent for Customer Service bot is also added by Microsoft with an aim to improvise the service. This feature will allow customers to test their virtual agents internally before the final (public) launch. The new-and-improved functionality will be available from December 1 as said by Microsoft officials.

Alysa Taylor – Corporate Vice President of Business Applications & Global Industry Takes on Microsoft Dynamics 365

According to a blog “Microsoft revealed yet more new features and products coming to the Dynamics 365 stable” published by Alysa Taylor – Corporate Vice President of Business Applications & Global Industry, more organizations are choosing Dynamics 365 and Power Platform than ever before – from industries spanning energy (ExxonMobil), to transportation (Virgin Atlantic, Paccar), to sports and entertainment (Miami Heat, Tivoli) and many others.

The common thread in our customers’ success is the power of a comprehensive, connected business cloud, drawing on unified data and applied intelligence to help customers make proactive decisions to positively impact their business. Customers have seen a transformative shift from a siloed to a proactive way of doing business.

“Two years ago, when we introduced Dynamics 365 we started a journey to tear down the traditional silos of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). We set out to reimagine business applications as modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable solutions that are integrated with Office 365 and natively built on Microsoft Azure.

With the release of our new AI and mixed reality applications we are taking another step forward on our journey to help empower every organization on the planet to achieve more through the accelerant of business applications”, she added further while Announcing new AI and mixed reality business applications for Microsoft Dynamics.

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