OnePlus New Features Announcement: May 2020

In the past 8 weeks, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer OnePlus was flooded with over 5000 ideas and 25000 likes by OnePlus community who all suggested as to what features the company might incorporate in the future update for its phones. Interestingly, the company really took each of the idea seriously and from so many suggestions OnePlus has accepted many user ideas for the future OnePlus New Features list.

All the suggestions were selected or rejected by OnePlus Team on the basis of feasibility and other factors. Also, we believe in almost all the cases, there were sufficient reasons and explanation provided as to why an idea is accepted or not. OnePlus has provided below the list of ideas from user community which were accepted or rejected and which are in beta phase now.

In this article, we will be sharing the comprehensive list of upcoming OnePlus features to be release in the future very soon for OnePlus smartphone series.

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OnePlus new features announced: All features are suggested by users


  • Always on Display – development to be finished around June, CBT/OBT coming in Aug/Sep
  • Enable fingerprint lock for hidden pictures in gallery – included in the roadmap
  • Play sound when the battery is fully charged – included in the roadmap
  • Folders within the app drawer -included in the roadmap
  • Adding more essential features to Zen Mode – included in the roadmap

[Not Adopted]​

  • Edge notification light
  • OnePlus Dex
  • Call recording
  • Google message for the stock SMS/RCS app
  • Study mode
  • API support for Gcam
  • Improve the adaptive brightness
  • Custom fingerprint animations
  • Real-time weather wallpaper
  • Real One Hand Mode
  • AMOLED dark
  • Boost capabilities of the alert slider
  • An option to set battery charging limit to 80%
  • Variable charging speed
  • Allow users to choose which stock apps to install during set-up

OnePlus Team has confirmed that all the users whose ideas are accepted for “OnePlus New Features” list will be invited to be a part of creation team to develop the idea from beginning to end i.e. from ideation to prototype development to testing.

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