Everything About Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor

This article talks about Samsung CHG90 Qled gaming monitor review – an ultra-wide HDR curved 49 inches computer monitor for great gaming experience.

BIGGER IS REALLY BETTER! That’s what you will keep shouting after using this super awesome 49-inch Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor – the one-of-its-kind curved ultra-wide gaming computer monitor unveiled by Samsung in its new “super ultra-wide” category, and trust me it is outrageously wider than a regular monitor.

This all new groundbreaking 49-inch super ultra-wide gaming monitor by Samsung comes with 32:9 curved screen, the 1800R curved panel, HDR support for cinematic viewing and Quantum dot technology which stunningly enhance your gaming experience by delivering a billion shades of realistic color and contrast for movies and video content.

What’s more awesome about the CHG90 monitor is its AMD new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology support which brings to you a smooth HDR gaming experience with twice the perceivable brightness and color of that offered by the sRGB spectrum.

Samsung Qled Gaming Monitor Key Specifications – Everything you want to know


  • A gigantic curved screen with an aspect ratio of 32:9 stands out in the world of immersive gaming experience.
  • The CHG90 has two 1080p monitors (equivalent) sitting side by side just without the divider in between. And that’s the beauty of it.
  • The overall design of this Samsung’s most impressively flexible gaming monitor has got everything – extravagance, luxury and hubris. Quite enough to make you go “WOW” with a premium feel.
Samsung ultrawide curve screen monitor has the Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) that offer precision positioning for the super ultra-wide panel for greater comfort.
Ultrawide screen designed for gamers. Image Credits: Samsung

Performance Features

This 49-inch gargantuan beauty has a full list of display performance specs such as 144Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dot technology (QLED), 1-millisecond response time for less motion blur during fast-paced gaming sessions, HDR (high dynamic range), great local-dimming LED arrays and AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 graphics technology, native resolution of 3,840 by 1,080 pixels.

Image Credits: Samsung

The Samsung CHG90 is the very super-duper choice to rule all its competitors like ACER & DELL on the market with its decent picture quality, curved display impressive color reproduction and a premium design. It provides just the right viewing angles that deliver a great gaming experience to the gamers.

Image Credits: Samsung

The Samsung CHG90 has an audio-aligned Arena Lighting which is located at the back of the monitor. The feature adds to the thrill of video gaming by getting brighter as the game’s sound grows louder while elevating moments of high intensity.

Experience thrilling gaming experience with CHG90’s audio-aligned Arena Lighting located at the back of the computer monitor.
CHG90’s audio-aligned Arena Lighting. Image Credits: Samsung

Surely, Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor is the next best thing for all hardcore gamers. This thing is bigger than you think and will cost you a very handsome amount of Rs 1,50,000 to enjoy immersive gameplay.

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