New OnePlus OxygenOS Updates, Android 11 Developer Preview 4 for OnePlus 8/8Pro With OnePlus Red Cable Day Announcement

This article talks about new Oneplus OxygenOS Updates of Android 11 for OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro and OnePlus Red Cable Day Announcements

OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro phone users have one more reason to be happy, and that is they would be the first ones to receive New OnePlus OxygenOS Updates – the Android 11 final version whenever Google releases it. Google has already provided a glimpse of future Android OS by releasing Android 11 Developer Preview 3 and  hence the OnePlus users also get to see and tryout the new UI and features of OxygenOS 11.

OnePlus has finally revealed the first look of Oxygen OS 11, the next major New OnePlus OxygenOS Updates due for the eligible OnePlus devices via OxygenOS 11 Developer Preview 3 and it comes with a host of new features including an improved Dark Mode, Always-On Display, new Smart Gallery features and, a brand-new UI with refreshing look and feel.

The key New OnePlus OxygenOS Updates (almost) confirmed in the Android Oxygen OS 11 release would be:

  • New UI which also includes Weather app, OnePlus Launcher and Notes.
  • New One Handed mode.
  • New Always On Display which includes new 11 clock styles.
  • New Live wallpaper which changes as per the time of the day.
  • New OnePlus Sans font.
  • New Dark Mode with a shortcut in Quick Settings.
  • New Zen mode themes.
  • New Gallery function which creates a weekly story based on photos and videos.

New Oxygen OS 11 OTA Update For OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro: The updates:

Always on Display: 

The most awaited feature is obviously the Always on Display, which the OnePlus fans demanded, and their wish seems to have come true with the inclusion of this feature in the Oxygen OS 11 OS. There are many AOD themes to choose from, some display the time in words, while others are simply colourful. OnePlus has collaborated with Parsons School of Design to create the visually appealing AOD’s.

Weather app: 

The weather app now gives more emphasis to the current weather status, rather than displaying future weather conditions. This change has been hailed by the fans too.

One-handed UI:

The one handed mode is available for the OnePlus users, and it comes in handy for operating the phone with one hand easily.

Quick Settings: 

The quick settings and notifications panel has been revamped and seems to have well liked by the testers who experienced the revamped version.

Revamped UI design: 

The new revamped UI design gives a new and aesthetic look to the phone, besides being user friendly too. Also, OnePlus may add or remove several features based on the user feedback it receives.

OnePlus has started rolling out the latest Android 11 Developer Preview for OnePlus 8 users


  • System
    • Optimized display effects with some UI
    • Optimized the lagging issue under some settings
    • Optimized the stability with the upload of log in Community
    • Optimized delayed response issue with pull-down of the status bar
    • Fixed the crash/reboot issue under some settings
    • Fixed the all black issue with status bar in dark mode
    • Fixed the bug that system cannot be re-started after OTA upgrade
    • Fixed the disabled “save” feature of screenshot
  • Game space
    • Newly added gaming tools box for convienient switches of Fnatic mode, Whatsapp, INS and Screen Recorder at one place (Enable it by swipining down from upper right/left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
    • Newly added mis-touch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out
  • Gallery
    • Fixed the abnormal increase of brightness when entering the Gallery
    • Fixed the incomplete screenshot issue in some cases
  • Shelf
    • Fixed the issue that background of weather did not display
  • Network
    • improved the performance and stability of network transfers

Known Issues

  1. UI interface experience isn’t smooth
  2. system stability problems
  3. Some third-party applications won’t work as expected
  4. Didn’t pass the Google XTS test

You should understand there is a risk of BRICKING your phone, read the instructions carefully and be 100% sure of what you are doing. Please always backup your important data before flashing and disable the OEM unlocking to avoid unnecessarily Issues

Please note:

  1. These instructions are only for the OnePlus 8 series. Please make sure the battery level is above 30% and a minimum 3GB of storage space is available.
  2. The OnePlus 8 series carrier devices (TMO/VZW) aren’t compatible with the Developer Preview builds.

MP version = Stable official version
DP version = Developer Preview version
OBT Version = Open Beta version

What’s More: OnePlus Red Cable Day Announcement

OnePlus has dedicated the 17th of every month to the community as Red Cable Day and announced that starting August 17th, the users will be benefited by special gifts and benefits on 17th of every month going forward. OnePlus is doing this to celebrate the start of OnePlus on December 17th, 2013.

Also,  starting from 17th of August, the first Red Cable Day, OnePlus is making Cash on Delivery option available for all smartphones and accessories on On the first Red Cable Day i.e. 17th of August, OnePlus is doling out the below mentioned benefits:

  • 5% off on all accessories on and at OnePlus Experience Stores.
  • 100% off on Service charges & up to 15% off on Spare parts at OnePlus Exclusive Service Centres.
  • Bowl of happiness – A Lucky draw at OnePlus Exclusive Service Centres

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