New Samsung Galaxy S20 Updates For Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 Users

This article talks about new Samsung Galaxy update enables Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 Users to use Leading Galaxy S20 smartphone features.

Samsung has recently confirmed that it has released a new Samsung Galaxy S20 updates for Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51 phones. This new Samsung Galaxy update for Samsung Galaxy A Series will enables users to use the leading Samsung Galaxy S20 features. Let’s delve deeper into the latest improvement and have a look at these features in detail.

Camera features

When the user clicks to record using the Single Take feature in S20 phone, it captures up to ten seconds of video in several modes, like Live Focus, Smart Crop, video and AI filter. The user can video and AI filter. Users can then go back to the clips in the Gallery application and retain the capture style they liked.

Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51 phone users can now use the Pro Mode functionality present previously in S20 phones which includes Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control. Night Hyperlapse and My Filters functionality allow the user to use their own personal image filters using existing images.

Quick Share and Music Share: 

Quick Share and Music Share are two functionalities now available for Samsung Galaxy A71 and A51 phone users which was present in S20 phones. These features allow users to seamlessly connect, share pictures, videos and music. 

Galaxy A71 and A51 phone users can now also use the Quick Share option present to share the photos in the gallery app. Also, by activating or deactivating the Music Share icon on the Quick Settings, the user can connect or disconnect to the Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the music.

Enhanced Keyboard and Gallery features:

When the user types a word in the search bar in the app tray, accessible  now with swipe up on the home screen, they will now get a range of predicted Apps, Settings, Quick Panel and Contacts search results before they even finish their typing, and the users can then explore even more results by clicking on the ‘See more results’ button. 

The Galaxy A71 and A51 phone users can now translate text directly from the keyboard tray and undo and redo their latest keyboard action with a swipe left or right with two fingers on the keyboard. The new Clean View feature will group up to 100 images in the gallery app for easy viewing by users, also they can choose their favorite as the group’s thumbnail.

One of the best improvement came as new Samsung Galaxy S20 updates, is Quick Crop feature lets the users to trim their photos right from the screen itself. When zooming in on an image with two fingers, the  Save icon will  now appear on the left hand side of the screen for users to save the image.

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