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The update is 344 MB in size and notches up the version number of Oxygen OS to 9.08 in OnePlus 6 devices.

This update brings in a host of OnePlus 7 features to OnePlus 6 devices as promised by OnePlus earlier in its forums.

Here are the New Oxygen OS 9.0.8 Updates and Changelog in


1) The pocket mode (which detects if the device is kept in the pocket and avoids accidental dialing of contacts and operation of the phone by mistake) has been optimized.

2) Android security patch has been updated to August 2019.

3) Quick reply is added in landscape mode (Settings–> Utilities–> Quick reply in landscape)

4) General bug fixes and issues are resolved with the OnePlus 6 New Oxygen OS 9.0.8 Update.


1) A password/ fingerprint scan can be set to access the Hidden Space in the launcher if enabled.

Gaming Mode:

1) Fnatic Mode is available for an “immersive gaming experience”. OnePlus also promises that more surprises are on their way.

OnePlus Laboratory:

1) DC dimming is now added to the OnePlus Laboratory and can be used.

Zen Mode:

1) The much-awaited OnePlus 7 feature: Zen Mode is here after the OnePlus 6 New Oxygen OS 9.0.8 Update rolled out.

2) It allows the user to take a 20 min break from their device and congratulates the user on successful completion.

3) A point to be noted is that once the Zen Mode is started, it cannot be undone i.e. the user has to wait/ take a break for 20 minutes from the phone.


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