In our previous article, we have discussed about New OnePlus 6/6T And 5/5T Software Update Is Coming and everything you really should know about the new additions and improvements in the OnePlus smartphones – 6/6T and 5/5T. Again, there is a piece of good news for OnePlus 5/5T users. New updates have arrived on OnePLus 5/5T which surely bumps up the Oxygen OS version to 9.0.7 and weigh 502 MB in size.

The updates can be divided into three main categories namely System, Gaming Mode, and Phone.


1) The Android security patch is updated to June 2019 version. OnePlus is now getting slower on providing security patch updates to its OnePLus 5/5T users, but that is expected given the launch of recent OnePlus 7 series and not to forget the fact that it was launched in the year 2017.

2) As informed in our earlier posts, the Screen Recorder feature has arrived on OnePLus 5/5T and can be accessed via path Quick Settings–>Edit–>Screen Recorder.

3) Also, Quick reply feature in landscape mode has arrived and can be activated via path Settings–>Utilities–>Quick reply in landscape.

4) Some general bug fixes and system improvements were also done.

Gaming Mode:

The much-hyped Fnatic Mode has arrived and can be accessed via path Settings–>Utilities–> Gaming Mode


The issue with Speed Dial has been fixed.

On OnePlus community forum, the Global Product Operations Manager Manu J. has appreciated and acknowledged all OnePlus mobile phone users who were on previous versions for their active feedback for reaching out. Manu J has written that “with your help, we have been able to better optimize and improve several key areas. Thank you for your patience.”

“We have had our feedback tool integrated into community app under testing in Open Betas for a while now, and it’s time for the Feedback tool to be part of our stable builds. You can now submit bug reports, product suggestions, and feature requests seamlessly from the community app and the best part is that it automatically captures the required logs based on the issue you are reporting, thus making it easier for our team to address issues and track feedback. You can check here for more information on the newly integrated Feedback tool,” she has posted.


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