Five Winning Startup Strategies For Entrepreneurs Planning To Launch A Mobile App

Starting a business from scratch is no easy feat. As a newbie, people find setting up an enterprise precisely exciting and exhilarating — both at the same time. However, most of the entrepreneurs don’t know that every entrepreneurial dream comes with its own set of risks and benefits.

Mobile app startups are no different. Even, they demand a massive amount of hard work, a pinch of luck, a clear vision, and some winning strategies to survive in an industry, which is not less than a graveyard full of millions of similar ventures that nobody cares for.

Here’re five startup winning strategies for Mobile App Startup entrepreneurs like you to survive “the valley of death” and avoid the struggle of the early stages. Let’s get started!

  • Brand your startup with a single purpose

 Identify the major strength of your entrepreneurial venture and make sure you’re bragging only about a particular expertise to put down roots strongly in the industry. The same rule applies to mobile app venture. Start branding your agency as mobile first and only, and try to ride the wave of market dominance. Make sure it is only and only your mobile apps expertise that gets clients in the door – no matter how good you’re in other things.

  • Neglecting the competition

Most of the time, the mobile app startups are so occupied on their own venture and ignore the competition. Much to your surprise, neglecting the market competition was a recipe for catastrophe in approximately 19 percent of business startup failures. So, it is highly recommended to keep a close eye on your rivals and must try to be one step ahead of them.

  • Go responsive

With millions of users having different screens and operating systems, launching an app for a particular platform is an absolute foolishness. Instead, you should make your mobile application support all platforms – IOS and Android – aiming for maximum reach.

  • Forget about money

 Try to launch your mobile app as a free base product like Candy Crush, Netflix, and Amazon Kindle. This way, you’re giving the first taste of the service to the target users. After the users are hooked, you must offer next level of freemium model i.e. premium services. It will allow promoting a healthy business and improving the conversion rates by converting free users to paying customers.

  • A well-thought-out strategy is necessary

 For a successful app, it is important to realize that great design is paramount, and solid development is fundamental. These are the major parameters to decide the future of an app. So, make sure your app passes alpha and beta phases to keep it free from all the common pitfalls. Always give preference to user-friendly designs with much significance on the retina, high-resolutions, and pixel-dense screens.      

Always remember: every startup or a matured business like Amazon started with a passion, risk-taking and stubborn perseverance. There’s no set formula for success and there is nothing like an overnight success. To make the tremendous jump from next to nothing to more than a million, you have to adopt the hardest all-in approach and put all your efforts.


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