Office 365 Transitions To Microsoft 365 Subscriptions from April 21, 2020

Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform has a huge subscriber base of 38 million users on its Office 365 Personal and Home plan which is a result of nearly 206 percent growth from 12.4 million subscribers 5 years back. Recently, the software giant is further solidifying its position with a slew of features, as slowly Office 365 transitions to Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft is planning to replace its entire Office 365 suite of application with the newly announced ‘Microsoft 365’ subscription service and has announced that it will do so on April 21 this year. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans will consist of Office apps, OneDrive storage and more.

Microsoft 365 Family plan is available at the cost of  USD 9.99 (Rs 760 approximately) per month, and it can be extended up to six family members. Comparatively, the Microsoft Personal plan costs USD 6.99 (Rs 600 approx) per month. 

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions coming on April 21

Microsoft is also introducing the Microsoft Family Safety App which will start rolling out in future months. Microsoft Family Safety app will be equipped with features like location/place sharing among the family members and will also let users save locations like home, office and school.

The inbuilt automatic location tracking and sharing feature will allow for notifications and automatic actions whenever a user leaves from or to office, home or school. Also, interestingly this app has feature that can allow parents to monitor the driving habits of their kids. It will also come with a drive safety feature that shows statistics on phone usage, top speed and hard breaking.

Users can also get a map-wise view of whatever happened along their route. Parents can also filter inappropriate apps, games and websites and also set age limits for kids.

What’s in the box: Office 365 Transitions to Microsoft 365 Subscriptions with AI and cloud-powered features

The all new and refreshed version of Microsoft 365 is all set to surprise you with artificial intelligence (AI), rich content and templates, cloud-powered experiences, and new productivity tools along with a lot of Office-related features such as Microsoft Word Editor, PowerPoint App, Excel, Outlook and the Edge web browser. Let’s delve deeper into the awesome features

1. Microsoft Word Editor

An advanced proofing tool and the users will soon get access to it. In addition to doing a normal proof reading, it will improve one’s writing style with more semantic and high-level suggestions. Also included would be a rewrite option, that will allow the user to re-write the entire sentences. On similar lines, a  plagiarism checker is also included in it, which will help prevent plagiarism and help users properly cite content.

2. The PowerPoint app

In the new Microsoft 365, there is the inclusion of a new AI-powered feature known as the Presenter Coach. It will assist the user by practice delivering a speech around the slide shows, and even monitoring and trying to correct the pronunciation like stuttering, swearing and monotone speech etc.

3. The Excel

This upgrade in the improved version of Microsoft 365 will assist the user to track one’s finances, without too much trouble and this will be achieved by interfacing with bank and credit accounts to automatically import transactions. This new feature will be rolled out to the United States in the future months.Excel will also get native support for data types, like food, places and movies. These will be sourced through the extensive Wolfram Alpha database, which seems quite impressive.

4. The Outlook app

It gives the ability to link one’s office and personal calendars on the web. The users will also get access to more than 200 new document templates, 300 new fonts, 2,800 new icons and access to thousands of photos/images from Getty images.

5. The Edge web browser

It will be receive a Password Monitor, which will scan through one’s saved login credentials and will check them against known databases of compromised user data and finally – side tabs too in the fairly new Edge browser.

Microsoft Teams app will allow friends and family to communicate with each other through group chats and video calls, share to-do lists, photos and much more. Microsoft is slowly trying to replace the Skype for business app with the Microsoft Teams app.

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