Punjabi Kudi vs Haryanvi Chori - Who’s Bolder?

Indeed, India is home to varied cities and lifestyle set-ups. Punjab and Haryana are the most happening state in the nation. The people (typically girls) bring along a part of the places wherever they go. For me, this world wouldn’t have been complete if there are no Haryanvi Choris versus Punjabi Kudis. Here’s why:

Punjabi Kudis…..

They’re boisterous, cheerful and really fond of music. They are really great buddies once you get to know them.

If you’re ever in trouble, no one will go “Thwaddi Toh!” but your Punju BFF will surely rush to be by your side. For sure, she’ll make you listen to Diljit Dosanjh, Wakhra Swag by Navv Inder, Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Raftaar, Sukhe and all-time dearest Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Whenever you feel low, she’ll you with Butter Chicken and/or Beer to cheer your mood. What’s more, the comic timing of Punjabis is impeccable. OMG! What would we do without them?

Haryanvis Choris…..

They’re possibly the best people to cheer you up.

You’ll never, never, EVER get the yummiest food that at their houses. Paranthas, makkhan, chicken, DELICIOUS! Haryanvi choris have moves better than Michael Jackson and the best part is that they aren’t afraid to show them.

You will forever be entertained either by their random melodramatic performances or Haryanvi accent. Their Ghar ki shaadis are EPIC!

Punjabi Kudi vs Haryanvi Chori: Who’s Bolder?

Indeed, there is a huge difference between Haryani Chori and Punjabi Kudi. My goal for today — to give you a quick glimpse of those obvious differences.

  • Punjabi Kudi — She is super energetic, enthusiastic, ‘Happy go Lucky’ and warm-hearted. Once you get to know a Punjabi kudi, she makes really great friends.
  • Haryanvi Chori — Boys find Haryanvi choris really difficult to approach
  • Punjabi Kudi — She is always polite and speaks predominantly in a Punjabi accent.
  • Haryanvi Chori — She is outspoken and often misunderstood because of her harsh tone. Her English sounds very hary-lish.
  • Punjabi Kudi — She loves to express her emotions and pour her heart out and ALOUD.
  • Haryanvi Chori — Haryana girls have always been one of the Boldest and Toughest North Indian girls.
  • Punjabi Kudi — She is really fond of music and dance. There are high possibilities that when you roll with your Punjabi BFF, you discover a lot of new artists and Punjabi songs you’ve never heard before.
  • Haryanvi Chori — Dancing and singing is not her cup of tea! She always finds her best in sports and Olympics.
  • Punjabi Kudi — She is a true lover of Paranthas, makkhan, lassi and butter chicken; and where there’s food, there’s always happy faces!
  • Haryanvi Chori — She is crazy about ‘Doodh’ and ‘Makhan’ becoz more fat along with more calories is a problem for her problem. ‘Arey kitna khathi hai!’ is a common line used by her buddies.
  • Punjabi Kudi — Hauz Khas Village, DLF Cyber hub Gurgaon, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar Central market, Khan Market, Connaught Place, and GK part 2 are her favourite spots to spend time.
  • Haryanvi Chori — She loves spending her time in ‘kheit and khaliyaan’! Being with nature is her best pass time.
  • Punjabi Kudi — She is very daring and hard to handle!
  • Haryanvi Chori — She can kick ass you, slap you and can even punch you. The best thing she comes up while fighting is- ‘Haryanvi Galiaan‘

Be happy no matter whether you are friends with a Haryanvi chori who sounds very jaaty or a cheerful Punjabi kudi because of Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota hai !!!

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