According to WindowsCentral, Microsoft today accidentally revealed Windows 10 internal build (18947) for its 32-bit systems with a new Start Menu and Control Center UI in its Insider Program due to a glitch which was not even meant for testers too. According to the sources, it is designed for Microsoft’s new Windows Lite OS but one can easily assume that one day it will come to our desktops too. Again, being an internal built, Microsoft might completely redesign it or it might not even see the light of the day.

Windows 10 New Start Menu Desktop View

The revamped search menu has a search bar both at the top and the bottom to search for apps and the internet. There is a list of suggested apps too, and the Live Tile feature (still present in stable builds of Windows 10 and previously present in Windows Mobile OS) is Absent.

Windows 10 New Start Menu Tablet View

The sources on twitter also said that the internal built came with a GIF search tool within the emoji picker section. Also, there was a center-aligned Start menu in the tablet mode. One of the twitter users mentioned that the leaked build has a Control Center which is divided into two parts: Quick Actions which is an adjustable panel and Action Center which contains the notifications.

New GIF search tool in Windows 10

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