Gone are those days when a single attribute like intellectual competency of people managers put them on the iron throne. What is takes to lead a team in today’s disruptive organisational culture is what it took to lead generations.

Today, effective team management skills are neither about acts of glory nor just management of workforce, but it is all about developing a strategic forward-thinking in this competitive age while staying humble.

To motivate employees, inspire greatness in other people and drive high performance, managers must show the big picture to their subordinates, exercise a lot of patience and work collaboratively to curb the challenging tasks with strong-mindedness.

Effective team managers need ‘Guts’ to never say “I Quit” and boldly overcome that fear of failure and criticism courageously when others are on the verge of breaking down. Their capability of fortitude, resilience, risk-taking, forgiveness, appreciation, determination and overcoming self-doubt, will be their greatest expression of bravado in the times of tough times.

Here’s the natal chart of a ‘Gutsy Team Manager’ that strongly highlights his capability

  • To withhold the reactions in times of confrontation and humbly choose to lead in troubled times.
  • To press forward courageously the disappointments and setbacks on the nippiest path to success.
  • To learn from the failures and grow by taking smarter risks in times of extremities.
  • To smartly identify, operationalize, and practice the business values that they uphold significantly to solve complex problems.
  • To never shy away from sharing bold ideas with confidence and inspire greatness among people around you.
  • To lead to the point of compassion rather than to the point of perfection and take feedback as informational not confrontational. This way you foster a deep engagement with your team.
  • To compliment people and recognize all the hardwork that the staff has put to accomplish complex goals.
  • To hire people who are smarter than you without a prejudice.
  • To accept accountability for your mistakes and not letting your ego get in the way.
  • To pick your battle selectively because every battle comes at a cost.
  • To have a heart of abundance and not scarcity.
  • To overcome offenses and don’t let bitterness take root inside you.

It is the hard way to master the art of Gutsy Team Manager which is paramount to conquer this dynamic business environment. GodSpeed!

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