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Useful Time Management Tricks To Make Your Workplace Life Easier

Office life is always hectic. Aren't we always running out of time? We are expected to be turbo-charged for everything -  a messy mailstrom, sneaking peeks at an oh-so-urgent project, a full-packed meeting calendar, team meetings and of course, the short project deadlines. It feels like a marathon with the finish line still miles away and all we keep wishing for more time. A 48-hour day maybe? And we wrestle to establish the so-called healthy work-life balance and the poor balance bleeds into our personal life and leads to stress, unhappiness, and even reduced productivity. What if you could save all that precious time and enjoy a healthy work-life balance? Read on! What did Research say? Researchers at the Oregon State University (OSU) studied 203 people, all aged between 24 and 76, eac

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Freelance Versus Full-Time Employment: Which Life Is Better?

One thing that nobody tells you when you become a full-time salaried person is that you’re going to enter the rat-race and working for a benevolent boss. You’ll be part of a corporate culture that challenges you to be productive every passing minute. However, the unpredictable job promises to give you a certain income on time for sure, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Period. In today’s light-hearted take, many frustrated salaried people who are tired sitting in a cubicle and dreaming of freedom from their monotonous “nine to five” tend to turn towards a more practical option — freelancing. Sure, it comes with some amazing benefits like flexibility, control over your work, no narcissist boss and no office politics. Scroll down below to know the obvious differences...

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