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Surefire Content Marketing Strategies To Make Your Campaign Noticed

Maybe you struggled in 2016. The good news: 2017 can be a great start for your business with these surefire content marketing campaign strategies.

In a world where online marketing and inbound marketing is taking the digital age by storm, it is necessary for businesses to implement a few proactive measures to keep up with a growing and very lucrative online marketplace. Changing their existing business models to an online one will definitely help them to spell the difference between a successfully thriving business and a struggling (or failed) one. And yes, beefing up existing content marketing tactic has proven to be insanely effective to constantly tune into evolving trends and shifting landscapes. Amplifying your Content Marketing Strategy is definitely a way for every small and medium enterprise to drive business by building the trust that inevitably leads to higher conversions and better visibility online.

“80 percent of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles, versus an advertisement.”

Like any other digital marketing techniques, the content marketing strategy isn’t something you can jump-start blindly. Haphazardly producing the content without first devising a strategy will be a wrong attempt for sure. In a research by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, it was found that “Marketers who have a documented strategy are not only more effective but also less challenged with every aspect of content marketing.”

Remarkable tips on how to reshape your content marketing strategy

Let’s check out these remarkable tips on how to reshape your strategy and launch a successful Content Marketing campaign in 2017 and make your business more profitable in today’s fiercely competitive age. Read on:

1. Define your goals

Companies must realise that proper planning is pre-requisite to reap the desired outcomes. Strategically, they should visualise the big picture in advance and chalk out the future course of actions before launching the campaign for their businesses. Also, they should not afraid of experimenting different options available to achieve their business outcomes, especially when there are a number of platforms and tools available in the environment.

2. Ditch those Clickbait headlines now

Clickbait headlines or link titles, if you’re hearing this first time, are headlines that intentionally leave out crucial information. They’re meant to mislead people and forcing visitors to click to find out the answer. Prioritise the genuine content that the users want to read.

3. Emphasize more on interactive content

Shine with visual content because it is a powerful way to set your content strategy apart. Polls and quizzes, high-impact infographics to viral videos, social media micro-content, captivating images, animated explainer videos, memes – interactive content come in a variety of forms, a great way to evoke positive emotions and set yourself apart from your competitors while building a community around your brand.

“72% of marketers say visual content is more effective than text-based content. “By its very nature, interactive content engages participants in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios,” marketer Scott Brinker notes. “It’s a great way to capture attention right from the start. Individuals have to think and respond; they can’t just snooze through it.”

4. Video Content is all-important

Big influencers predicted that 74 percent of all web traffic will be video by 2017. That’s an astounding figure that clearly indicates trying your hand at video marketing is a good way to tap into the network’s millions of worldwide users that are socially active on visual social media platforms like Instagram, Vine, Youtube, and Snapchat. Are you ready to take full advantage of these swift-growing live streaming social media platforms?

5. Content marketing can’t happen in a silo

Yes, you’ll be surprised to know that overall organisational silos can negatively impact content marketing strategy. It is vitally important to identify the silos that holding back content production, amplification, and other elements significant to content’s success. This way, the quality of content can be improved.

6. Retargeting always rocks

In today’s age of digital marketing, it really matters that how effectively is a business retargeting the prospects after they leave you. Which retargeting channels are producing ROI and which aren’t? How well are those retargeting online marketing campaigns on Facebook working? Always remember, the retargeting ads are your surefire technique to increase click-through-rate and conversion rate.

7. SEO is still extremely important

Gone are the days when business owners willing to expend impulsively for poorly executed marketing strategies out there. They’re now relying on the inbound methodology to turn strangers into customers and promoters of their business instead of using the traditional outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads.

This strategy utilizes many forms of pull marketing to create brand awareness, getting “natural” search results on search engines and pulls qualified prospects to a business.

The bottom line

Content Marketing levels the digital playing field very strongly. Absolutely right! In the digital arena where top multinationals and large corporations like Amazon, Flipkart, Mint, AMEX, Uber are heading to well-executed content marketing campaigns – they’ve done it above and beyond what the average brand is doing to spotlight them in their targeted market. Obviously, it gives the companies the chance to compete against the big boys and establish a strong foothold in the digital arena – even to customers from any parts of the world without having a physical existence.

2017 is the year when content marketers will really start to notice massive returns on their investment. If you’ve yet to leverage these content marketing strategies, now’s the time.

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