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Candid Interview of Samakshi Bhatia Talks About Her Entrepreneurial Journey From Hobby To Artistique

Spotlight Interview: Samakshi Bhatia Talks About Her Entrepreneurial Journey From Hobby To Business

Samakshi Bhatia is a young entrepreneur who started a small scale business as a hobby has now grown into one of the most creative and innovative companies in the lifestyle gifting and home décor industry of India. She has done her education in fashion merchandise and production management from Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi.

A Brief about Artistique – Company founded by Samakshi Bhatia

Samakshi Bhatia’s company Artistique Designer Products is engaged in the Manufacture, Sales and Distribution of exclusive Lifestyle Products and Home Décor items. The range of products includes Aroma Candles, Decorative Candles, Designer Candles, Candle Stands, Wooden products, Home Décor items etc. Artistique products are very exclusive for the Indian market. They can be compared to the best Aroma candles available across the world.

Samakshi Bhatia. CEO & Managing Director at Artistique Designer Products.
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Aroma candles are the specialty of Artistique, available in a vast range of fragrances based on fresh fruits, flowers, and honey. Some are as unique as Cheddar, Mango Papaya, lemongrass aromas etc. Fragrances are imported from France and the quality of the products is world class. Artistique has partnered with a world class candle manufacturing production facility which caters to major global brand owners & retailers across 60 countries operating in this space.

Artistique is a customized gifting solutions provider with extremely innovative products for special occasions such as wedding gifting, party returns, corporate gifting, Diwali, Christmas etc. Items that touch your lives on a daily basis could be a perfect gift for a special occasion or for the one you love.

Exclusive Interview of Samakshi Bhatia

In an exclusive candid interview with Insight Glimpse, Samakshi Bhatia, the Founder of Artistique, a platform for an exclusive lifestyle and Home Decor Products, talked about her journey from hobby to a small business venture. Here are some excerpts from the interaction:

What’s there in the name Artistique?

Artistique is a french word that is a synonym to having a natural creative skill or being aesthetically pleasing. For me, the name also signifies uniqueness and is pronounced as “art-is-teek”. 

Who has influenced you the most in her life?

My mom and husband have influenced me the most in my life. On one side, she has learned to be very patient and calm from her mother. On the other hand, her husband has been a big support in encouraging me in every way. He is very hardworking, a good speaker and a perfectionist which influences her to work harder and grow her business.

How did Samakshi Bhatia get started in the gifting business? Tell something about the journey of becoming the founder of Artistique?  

She started her career in the gifting industry since 2009. It started as a hobby with a small wedding order wherein she created a customized photo frame box for chocolates to go with a wedding card. This was appreciated by everyone who received the cards and more and more people started contacting her since then. She also started making some customized boxes for jewelers.

Like this, her interest in the business grew, and she started to outsource home décor items and doing various Pan India exhibitions like Great India Bazaar, London market, Fashion Ista, Lifestyle etc. Soon after 6 months with the encouraging response, she created my own brand Artistique, set up her own infrastructure and started her own designing.

What is Samakhshi Bhatia’s favorite part about designing?

I thoroughly enjoy making different hampers while showcasing my creativity. It is sometimes challenging to meet the customers expected budget as they want everything for less but in the end we always have a satisfied customer. I also enjoy doing intricate Tanjore work on her candles. 

What are the some ways by which people can glamorize their interiors?

In the past few years, there is a definite mindset change with people wanting to splurge towards interesting home interiors. Unique home décor accessories are one way to glamorize interiors. We can give it some character by adding some bling. Products with crystal / Swarovski add a dose of shimmer. Gold and silver finish accentuates the royal and luxury look.

Another emerging fashionable trend which is picking up in India today is the use of exotic Aroma candles. They create a styrene ambiance and can influence the mood of the guests. The candlelight creates a rich and beautiful atmosphere and adds a special dimension to the interiors. Accessories are a great way of adding glamour. Unique collections such as wall frames for photos, candle stands, coasters etc which are eye-catchy add to the elegance.

Gold and silver finish accentuates the royal and luxury look.

What inspires you today?

Her Artistique brand inspires her and she is passionate to grow the brand in India and abroad in the coming years. Appreciation for her work, by repeat customers and addition of new customers who have received her products as gifts, is always inspiring and further strengthens her belief that she is on the right track.