Six Useful Global Marketing Lessons From The Ad Man: Prasoon Joshi

Not everyone has the efficiency of mastering multiple skills, but exceptions are always there. One such exception is Mr. Prasoon Joshi who has rightfully earned the title of “The Ad Guru of India” in today’s era when the lines between conventional Advertising Entertainment and Content are blurring constantly. Padma Shri winner Mr. Joshi is a true industry veteran who has aced whatever he has set his mind to. Everything is just remarkable about the big daddy of Indian advertising and an ambassador of creativity. Be it his journey from Almora in Uttarakhand to Mumbai the city of dreams – has important lessons for everyone or his work for socially relevant campaigns like Malnutrition and Polio eradication, Greenpeace and women empowerment that all won the accolade.

The ad film visionary and lyricist Prasoon Joshi started his career with one of the world’s leading agencies, Ogilvy & Mather and has had a long (and remarkable) journey. He is the man behind many notable commercials like Sach dikhate hain hum for NDTV India, Abhi to main jawan hoon for Saffola, Alpenliebe Chlormint, the Cannes-winning Thanda matlab Coca-Cola campaign with Aamir Khan and many more. Also, he has created other acclaimed and award-winning advertising pieces for a wide roster of brands: Asian Paints, Cadbury, CNN IBN: India Rising, Vacao Scooty, Close-up, Ponds, ING, Coke: Ummeed wali dhoo, Happydent, MasterCard, J&J, Perfetti, Nestle, GM, MetLife, Pears, Star TV, Dabur, and Britannia.

Today, Mr. Prasoon has widely recognized as one of the most influential “Advertising and Communication Icon” in today’s complex landscape of global marketing and feted as the Young Global leader by World Economic Forum. He is deeply respected for his major contribution in shaping the Popular Culture and public consciousness in India through his work.

His perspective towards advertising & marketing industry

Poet, lyricist, script writer and ad man – Mr. Prasoon Joshi find advertising to be one of the most active industries, which is significantly destined to reflect the changes in the society and business environment. He added,“In the evolution, we have to take the right decision, IP protection being one such decision. In the changing nature of business, values of ideas have to go. We have to make sure that the advertising industry does not become commodified. Every system evolves around a set of people and that is how a culture is evolved.”

“It is constantly evolving to be in sync with the time.”

Speaking about McCann’s philosophy, he said: “Your partners are your clients and your client’s needs are your needs. So you need to be constantly abreast with the changes which clients are facing in the business environment. As a result, you have to give them adequate partnership and tools which can win their battle in a much more efficient way. McCann is one such company with this understanding and that is the reason I am a part of the management of this company.”

Six useful marketing lessons by the Ad Man

Prasoon Joshi, Chairman at McCann Worldgroup Asia-Pacific and CEO & CCO at McCann Worldgroup India, talked about the six useful marketing lessons that every business should know for brand survival in today’s competitive era. Let’s have a look at these global marketing strategies shared by the Indian ad man and create a compelling brand awareness in the global marketplace.

– A consumer should not be taken for granted. You can pass any law, have any culture but at the center of it should be the “GOOD” of the consumers.

– Brands that are not in sync with the human good and life, will eventually not survive.

– Advertising is an area where the intention is clear, the purpose is clear.

– If the brand or product is not in sync with the purpose, consumers can go away with it. Just because advertising can build brands, we should not misuse that.

– Work done in crises, for example – Maggi & coke issues sometimes goes unrecognized. Despite lots of limitations when the canvas becomes too small, an advertising professional has to paint it.

– Advertising inspired from advertising will not take you anywhere. Advertising inspired from life will.

Mr. Prasoon strongly believes that every brand is built out of a product and it is requisite for a brand, at the first place, to resides in the heart of its customers. Establishing that connection between the brand and people is important. “Our job is to soak ourselves in the information and then process it to bring it out in a creative way that connects to the whole world. My clients know their products very well and if they are made to sit in front of the consumer, they will be able to sell their products. But unfortunately, they cannot go to every consumer and tell how passionate they are about their product. That is why I have to convert it into a narrative, which people can consume in a shorter format”, he told.

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