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OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update 10.5.1.AC01DA rolled out for OnePlus Nord phones
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OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update: 10.5.1, 10.5.2, 10.5.3

We hope that the Nord series gets all the system superfast like this only and gets Always On Display feature too when OnePlus starts rolling it out to its devices. The update size is 103MB and the changelog of OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update 10.5.1, 10.5.2 and 10.5.3 given below.

Here’s the full changelog of OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update 10.5.3:

OnePlus has started to push the incremental rollout of the OxygenOS 10.5.3 for the OnePlus Nord phones; this is the recently released third update for the Nord phones and contains system stability updates.


  • Improved system stability.

Here’s the full Changelog of OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update 10.5.2:

OxygenOS update for the OnePlus Nord: IN: 10.5.2.AC01DA, NA: 10.5.2.AC01AA and EU: 10.5.2.AC01BA​


  • Newly adapted OnePlus Buds firmware, easier to take advantage of wireless connection
  • Newly adapted Dailyhunt with 90Hz refresh rate (IN only)
  • Optimized the process of starting camera with gestures
  • Optimized video calling performance
  • Improved system stability and fixed general issues
  • Updated Android security patch to 2020.07


  • Optimized power efficiency for front camera video shooting at 4K 60fps
  • Improved camera experience and system stability

Here’s the full Changelog of OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS update 10.5.1:


  • Optimized video calling performance.


  • Optimized depth sensor effect.
  • Optimized indoor image quality.
  • Optimized power efficiency for video shooting at 4k 60fps.
  • Improved camera experience and system stability.

Excellent quality at affordable prices” should be the motto of OnePlus company, as it continues to launch world-class products and that too at affordable pricing point. The 48MP main rear camera of OnePlus Nord has the same quality as its flagship OnePlus 8 series, also the OnePlus phones are tested in the harshest possible scenarios as a part of their testing, and that does signify that OnePlus never compromises on its quality, come whatever.

OnePlus has lived upto its promise of delivering quality at best prices, and this time also it was no exception. After many weeks of speculation, OnePlus company has finally launched the much-hyped OnePlus Nord series in India and worldwide via AR launch. It has made available the Snapdragon 765 powered 5G supported phone starting from INR 24,999, £379, €399 onwards; and its competitors are pricing a comparable phone at almost double the price range.

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