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Event: Two-Day Women Writers Festival 2017 in Delhi

A much-waited festival of, by, and for women. Undoubtedly, the passionate Women writers really need to be celebrated and heard more as a community. Women Writers Festival 2017 in Delhi is for all of them. This two-day literature festival for women will provide an open forum to discuss issues that shape the woman professional of the 21st century or impact women in the workplace. It will particularly focus on themes around women in the workplace – how we must think, and what we must do to inspire more women to pursue meaningful careers. Also, the work of non-fiction writers, business journalists, and academics will shed light on the changing landscape for women professionals.

Organised by SheThePeople.TV and the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, the two-day event will see many eminent women writers including Monika Halan, Bahar Dutt, Aparna Jain, Veenu Venugopal, Mala Bhargava, Yashodhara Lal, Urvashi Butalia, Nishita Jha, Bee Rowlatt, Amrita Tripathi, Shaili Chopra, Sonia Golani, Shreyasi Singh and others.


Women Writers Festival 2017 in Delhi

Anuradha Das Mathur, Founding Dean, Vedica Scholars Programme for Women said, “The Women Writers’ Fest is our attempt to discover and bring together women who write on issues that impact the 21st-century woman professional; issues of business, the world, the workplace and personal life. The Women Writers’ Fest is a festival of solutions and problem solving, not about rants. A festival of achievements and not about what’s not. A festival for people with stubbornly optimistic hearts.”

“There are a lot of women who are working on women’s issues, but there is no platform where they can come together to discuss [their work] and very little resource that they can access. Many women writers just remain unsung heroes. There are a lot of fiction writers who will also be speaking at the festival because their books are also based on stories of working women. Plus, there are many women who write on business and other non-fiction subjects, yet go unnoticed. This festival is for all of them,” she added.

#AskThePublishers at Women Writers Festival

There will be an open house with India’s top commissioning editors like Renuka Chatterjee, Poulomi Chatterjee, Sivapriya R and Sudha Sadanand. The participants have a chance to interact with these leading publishers and #AskThePublishers any issue that professional writers or budding aspirants battling with publishing. Also, the eminent women writers will be discussing issues like lack of successful women writers in the country and balance professional spaces with motherhood among others. Professional workshops, panel discussions and break-out sessions on topics ranging from personal finance to social networking will be organized.

This two-day long initiative will bring you:

– Is there a Venus way of management?

– Do enough women write on business issues?

– Why are there such few women bestsellers in the country?

– How have women managed to navigate professional spaces alongside motherhood?

– Who are the men of feminism and do they believe the glass ceiling has been shattered?

Shaili Chopra, Founder, SheThePeople.TV and Award Winning Journalist said, “There are new opportunities emerging for women around the world and particularly in India. To think we have 500 million women, that screams an opportunity to tap their potential in ways that go from entrepreneurship to economic analysis. The panel on Missing Women made a great effort to talk about how the numbers can be fixed and how equal opportunities can help India take the lead. We need to celebrate writing across genres, way beyond literature. We have women ahead in screenwriting, short stories, business and entrepreneurship, fiction, environment, some fantastic columnists and more,” while emphasizing the need to recognize women in other writing forms beyond literature.

  • When: 24th-25th February 2017, from 10 am to 7:30 pm
  • Location: Vedica campus at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Adhchini, New Delhi
  • Who should attend: content writers, budding writers, publishers, copywriters, editors, content strategists, native writers, novel writers, consultants, working women, non-fiction writers, business journalists, and professionals associated with writing field.

The first ever Women Writers’ Festival (WWF) 2017 will be home to Delhi’s favorite bookstore Full Circle, photography exhibitions and food stalls spread around the festival venue. The two-day literature festival for women writers’ at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication will also feature professional workshops and break-out sessions on topics ranging from personal finance to social networking, as well as thought-provoking and relevant performances.

A few seconds here will take you to a session full of knowledge and learning! Register now for the #WomenWritersFest 2017!

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