Author: Insight Glimpse Editorial Team

The Future of Copywriting Facing Extinction?

Google the phrase “Is copywriting dead” and you will retrieve almost million results giving a clear indication that the question is taking the digitally-led world by storm. Gone are those pre-digital days of the 1980s when there is no smartphone, no internet, and no technology. Those days are lost forever and we have moved on […]

Is Fear of failure A Close Companion

If you look closely, ‘FAILURE’ has the word ‘LURE’ hidden in it. It often lures you into giving up easily no matter who you’re and what you’ve accomplished in life. Failing is something most of us are oblivious too. It haunts us like a nightmare in all its variations – anxiety, indignity, frustration, procrastination, agitation, and low self-esteem – to name just […]