Month: April 2019

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Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor – Everything You Want to Know

BIGGER IS REALLY BETTER! That’s what you will keep shouting after using this super awesome 49-inch CHG90 QLED curved ultra-wide computer monitor unveiled by Samsung in its new “super ultra-wide” category, and trust me it is outrageously wider than a regular monitor. Here’s everything about how Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor looks: Its gigantic […]

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DC Comics SHAZAM: Everything You Must Know Before Watching This Movie

Ever since the DC Comics have released the official trailer of the origin story “SHAZAM”, it has been tough for the fans to keep calm. Yes, that’s true!! And it all starts with a powerful word SHAZAM and the fifteenish kid transforms into an adult, gets six packs and the best part: he gets the power […]

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